Agile levels of learning and change (ro)

Conference hall, ground floor

14th November, 16:30-17:30

Learning and change are themes repeatedly discussed in many studies, books, articles or conferences of any field. Nowadays our personal and professional lives seem to be more dynamic than ever, confronting us daily with new, unforeseen situations. The world around us is changing at an increasing rate, leading us through a complex mix of (mega)evolutions and (mini)revolutions at very different levels.
Agile movement is also about change, more precisely about the changes faced by project teams. Agile values and principles speak of the benefits of change and rapid adaptation to change. The presentation analyzes the need for rapid learning and continuous change in a dynamic environment and the traps we should avoid in the process of becoming Agile.

Dan Suciu

3Pillar Global

Director of Technical Training at 3Pillar Global and lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UBB, his fields of interest including databases, object oriented modeling and software projects management. Very passionate about animated movies and video games.