From Homo sapiens to Homo agilis

Conference hall, ground floor

15th November, 10:00-10:30

We are constantly looking forward to understand what should we do to become more successful in our businesses, in our professions, in our own lives. But what if the answer to this challenge are not to be found in tomorrow's technology, but in our own past? I am proposing you a brief immersion into the history of the humankind to understand what made us successful along our evolution and how can we use the same differentiators to become even better in the future. In other words, I will try to convince you that Homo sapiens should evolve toward a new species: Homo agilis.

Sorin Sfîrlogea

Colors in projects

Senior Trainer, Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience in Project Management, Software Development, IT Management and IT Consultancy Services and a proven record of accomplishments in building, managing, coaching and leading teams to success. Senior Project Manager with a significant track of successful business and IT projects. Expert Agile practitioner and coach with a deep interest in Agile management concepts. Certified PMI-ACP. Skilled trainer and speaker, passionate about knowledge sharing and education. Native in Romanian, fluent in English, proficient in French.