Hands on Lab

Hidden dynamics in organizations

Room 32, 3rd floor

15th November, 11:30-12:00

What makes you tick? What makes us tick? What makes us tick together? Or not.

This workshop is a very short introduction to systemic thinking in organizations. We'll take a look at organizations and teams from a systemic point of view. Hidden patterns become visible and help us understand better how we function together, where and why things are stuck, what can go better, and maybe find new strategies for the future. With the tools and concepts of systemic thinking even the most complex systems can be simplified and navigation becomes possible and sometimes even seamless.

Ligia Cremene

Ligia Cremene Coaching and Consulting

What could summarize my professional experience is: systemic thinking and interdisciplinarity.
I always found myself in a pioneering position, whether I liked it or not. I finally had to own it and here I am exploring system dynamics in organizations and society. As a transformation facilitator I create the space-time context for people and organizations to rediscover and recreate themselves, which seems to be so necessary these days.
My background is in Telecommunications Engineering where I have a PhD and was involved in international research projects and teaching as a professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca for the past 14 years.
What I do in the present is working with IT companies and start-ups on themes such as: performance optimization, creativity & innovation, conflict management, stress management, learning and motivation, leadership & team development. And I love it.