Panel: Products and Education

Conference hall, ground floor

14th November, 12:30-13:00

Bogdan Herea


Bogdan finished his studies in 1998 in France, at INSA Lyon and he has an engineering degree. He has been practicing engineering until 2005, when he decided to become an entrepreneur and founded his own IT company, PITECH+PLUS. If you ask Bogdan what was the key of success for his company, he will tell you that behind the hard work and attention for all the stakeholders, he always showed gratitude and care for his employees.
In 2014 Bogdan can talk about his activity as a President of the The French Business Club at Cluj, and he can also share what brought him the award for the French Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

Simona Motogna

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UBB

Simona Motogna is an associate professor and since 2012 vicedean of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. With over 25 years of experience in higher education, she is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, with excellent achievements in student competitions.

Sjoerd Rietberg

Flow Traders

In 2003 Sjoerd started his trading career at precisely the moment when trading evolved from the pit to screens. In 2005 Sjoerd joined Flow Traders. In the years since Flow's inception, Sjoerd has been a key contributor to the company's trading strategy, set-up and operations, acting as Head of Trading since 2009. In 2010, Sjoerd was named COO due to his keen insight into the necessary inter-relationship between technology and trading. In this capacity he has been responsible for both Trading and Technology operations. Since the beginning of 2014 the former CFO of Flow Traders and Sjoerd were appointed co-CEO of the Flow Traders group. Flow Traders is a listed company on Euronext Amsterdam as of July 9th 2015.