Resistance to change for the adoption of robots in the industry

Europa room, 3rd floor

14th November, 15:00-15:30

Radu Orghidanu

NTT DATA Romania

I am a technical research professional with in-depth knowledge and more than 7 years of product management experience in 3D vision systems and complex modeling. I have lead and managed research through leveraging data synthesis, statistical analysis, key technical skills, and 3D vision expertise in addition to collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve complex project objectives.
I have published extensively, including but not limited to the following topics: single and multiple camera calibration for machine vision and related applications, structured light self-calibration, catadioptric single-shot range-finder for textured map building in robot navigation, etc.
During my career, I have developed new technologies, including interactive and non-planar projections or MR images analysis and automated segmentation of the brain. I have also developed the technology for 3D garment reconstruction and animation in my capacity as Chief Technical Officer for a Silicon Valley startup.