Hands on Lab

The Power of Insight-driven design

Room 32, 3rd floor

15th November, 17:00-17:30

When practiced properly, user-centred design should start with formative research. Using various techniques, we find out about the end user’s needs and the context of use. This kind of research can produce some spectacular insights, which can inform our design and increase the likelihood of our digital product’s success.
This talk will cover methods for uncovering those insights and look at some case studies where insights have transformed the design team’s thinking and influenced the end product.

Jonathan Culling


I've been a user experience team leader, researcher and designer since 2000, with a long track record in digital media.
During this time, I have shaped the user experience for major brands, including: Vodafone, BAA, BSkyB, SABMiller, T-Mobile, Toyota, Barclays, HBoS, Google, IKEA and British Airways.
I believe passionately in the value of placing users at the centre of design solutions, and have successfully hired, managed and developed teams of talented, like-minded people.
Specialties: User experience of internets, intranets and web-based applications. Deep experience in e-commerce and online self-service. Team management and thought leadership.