BuddyGuard startup road and technology insights

Conference hall, ground floor

15th November, 09:00-09:30

The story of BuddyGuard, starts around the quote "I have an idea, so I will learn everything to make it happen". This principle has guided us on the early days, and continues to do so even today, on each new challenge we're facing.
BuddyGuard is developing smart, beautiful home security devices that are completely based on embedded artificial intelligence, to detect what's happening in the world around it, analyze potential dangerous events at home and take smart automatic decisions to solve any situations.
From starting shy with 2 engineers, BuddyGuard is now covering technical challenges on many fronts - Cloud, BigData, DevOps, Mobile, Firmware, AI and Hardware. Top technical challenges and solutions, learnings and limitations in the IoT world, state-of-the art of the industry, good and bad decisions, roadmap of our product and future plans will be presented and discussed.

George Platon


George is a full-stack developer, with a great passion for new technologies, hardware and machine learning. During the years, he was working in different positions, such as web developer, mobile developer, team leader, branch manager and lately entrepreneur. He enjoys getting the best learnings from all the positions he has been through and the people he met. Currently, George is part of BuddyGuard, a home security product that disrupts the smart home market through special features powered by artificial intelligence (face recognition, voice analysis, pet detection, etc.). At BuddyGuard, he is managing the technical side, which involves many challenges on data security, distributed cloud systems scalability, mobile phones integrations, machine learning algorithms and hardware electronics integrations.