The journey from assisted to automated driving – trends that will transform the automotive industry

Conference Hall

15th November, 11:00-12:00

A new era of automotive industry is starting to be shaped by assisted and highly automated driving. All big OEMs and Tier-one suppliers are working on approaches for reaching the final automated stage. According to Strategy Analytics, around 15-20% of vehicles that we see everyday on roads will be equipped with highly automated driving systems between 2025 and 2030. The presentation will introduce the standard of automated driving, released by SAE in 2016 and the levels of automation.
Continental has its own roadmap for autonomous driving, including targets for which engineers need to work with high creativity, passion and ambition. State-of-the-art functions and technologies, researched and developed in the ADAS department, will be presented and discussed. More and more sensors are installed to get a clear image of the environment and the objects that surround the vehicle. The system for highly automated driving will require the integration of information from multiple type sources / different type of sensors; the complex implementation of the software being one of the main challenges.
Approximately 95% percent of car accidents are caused by human error. Driver assistance functions contribute to the protection of drivers and other road users, and, the full automated driving could achieve the „vision zero” objective.
An open discussion will be held on main technologies used by ADAS products: RADAR, LiDAR and Camera; the technologies will be compared and evaluated from the performance point of view. The final part of the presentation will analyse the competition between IT and Automotive world on this topic.

Sergiu Ștefan Nicolaescu

Continental Sibiu

Sergiu Ștefan Nicolaescu is an engineer, Team Leader and Project Manager at Continental Automotive Systems S.R.L. Sibiu in ADAS department; Bachelor in Computer Science, Masters in Embedded Systems and Industrial Business Management, actual PhD. student in the field of Management and Engineering at Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu; competences and interests in automotive field, ADAS, project management, project quality, big data and organizational leadership.