Workshop room 2, 3rd floor

14th November, 09:30-17:30

A practical and fun one-day interactive workshop about identifying our customers, discovering a product, story mapping, Kano analysis, product roadmaps and affinity estimations, using physical tools.

What will we learn?

How to understand your potential customers and the true value that your product should provide to them, how to create a relevant story map, how to use it to build a realistic product roadmap, and how to use these info to get a first glimpse of duration estimation.

What are we going to do?

We will take seriously the role of the product owner and will develop the idea of a business product (proposed by the trainer). Through our own ideas and clarifications from trainer, we will identify potential customers, discover the core value of the product, develop the epic of the product, we’ll add functional details to increase its value, then we'll check the assumptions we made along the way. The next step will be to apply the Kano analysis approach to prioritize the features. We will jointly estimate and will end up by developing the first version of the product roadmap. At the end, we will clarify the term affinity and how can be developed based on all our work here. The debrief in the end will allow us to clarify how can we use this practical approach in our daily jobs.

Sorin Sfîrlogea

Colors in projects

Senior Trainer, Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience in Project Management, Software Development, IT Management and IT Consultancy Services and a proven record of accomplishments in building, managing, coaching and leading teams to success. Senior Project Manager with a significant track of successful business and IT projects. Expert Agile practitioner and coach with a deep interest in Agile management concepts. Certified PMI-ACP. Skilled trainer and speaker, passionate about knowledge sharing and education. Native in Romanian, fluent in English, proficient in French.

Price: 200 euro + TVA