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Leader 3.0

Hands on Labs - 3rd floor

14th November, 16:30-17:00

The universal answer [no surprise for many of us] why people are unhappy at work "I am actually engineering solutions to any problem, I feel worthless and my work is boring"

The lack of a purpose and taking creativity out of a creative job, engineers keep searching for other employers, like the protagonist of a Hemingway novel, travelling from a place to another in search of happiness.

The leader should reinvent himself in a changing and complex environment, stop being purely transactional and focus more on people, becoming a People Leader. Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have faith in people and that they're basically good and smart.

Andreea Pârvu


I would name myself a “Visionary” who seeks information to generate possibilities and ideas and use flexibility and adaptable thinking in implementing them. Being open minded and a fast learner, I am enterprising when solving problems. I could say I am a true #PIONEER and an organized and mature #ENTP. :)
I could summarize my professional experience in a few words: inventive and knowledgeable, always curious and seeking to continuously improve the processes understanding drives me in the direction of a diversity of projects and tasks.

What recommends me:

  • More than 1000 interviews held
  • More than 200 hours of training delivered
  • 10 projects on Talent Management and Organizational Development implemented
  • Designing and implementing People Development and Recruitment processes in an organization with more than 1000 employees (locally) and 4000 employees (globally)