Ligia Cremene

Coach @ Ligia Cremene Coaching and Consulting

What could summarize my professional experience is: systemic thinking and interdisciplinarity.
I always found myself in a pioneering position, whether I liked it or not. I finally had to own it and here I am exploring system dynamics in organizations and society. As a transformation facilitator I create the space-time context for people and organizations to rediscover and recreate themselves, which seems to be so necessary these days.
My background is in Telecommunications Engineering where I have a PhD and was involved in international research projects and teaching as a professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca for the past 14 years.
What I do in the present is working with IT companies and start-ups on themes such as: performance optimization, creativity & innovation, conflict management, stress management, learning and motivation, leadership & team development. And I love it.